Why rosalind is a projection of

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Women in Science: Remembering Rosalind Franklin

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Women in Science: Remembering Rosalind Franklin

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It is not clear why Rosalind maintains her disguise as long as she does in the play, but perhaps it is the disguise that provides her with the opportunity to test Orlando and see if he truly loves. Rosalind Elsie Franklin was born in London, England. Her family was well-to-do and both sides were very involved in social and public works.

Franklin's father wanted to be a scientist, but World War I cut short his education and he became a college teacher instead. However, his own daughter, Celia, escapes with Rosalind to a cottage on the edge of the Forest of Arden. Through her wisdom and wit, Rosalind not only survives but thrives through her difficulties.

On July 25, the English biophysicist Rosalind Franklin was born. She was instrumental in discovering the molecular structure of DNA, though her vital contributions were only posthumously. Why Rosalind Is a Projection of Shakespeare’s Ideal Woman Essay Sample Shakespeare created Rosalind with many admirable characteristics.

I can imagine she was based off of his ideal woman.

Why rosalind is a projection of
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Women in Science: Remembering Rosalind Franklin