Should parents be allowed to spank their children

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Should parents be allowed to hit their child for discipline?

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Why Shouldn’t You Spank Your Kids? Here’s 9 Reasons

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Some parents spank because they were a high value on time. They don't tell how to discipline more commonly. But it’s tricky because a parent can do all kinds of things to their kids that they’re not allowed to do to adults—take away their belongings, decide what they eat, imprison them in the house because they’ve been grounded, etc.

Parents can even get physical, to an extent, without most people raising an eyebrow—a parent firmly grabbing.

Corporal punishment in the home

I was surprised at the large percentage of parents who still spank their children. I thought we had moved way past that. Now, when I think back on former preschool and kindergarten students I had who were aggressive, I bet they were spanked.

Parents should be allowed to spank their children. A simple slap across the wrists or on the hand could possibly save a child's life in certain situations.

Should teachers be allowed to spank their students?

A slap on the wrists or a swat on the butt is something the child will remember far more than a "stern talking to" or a time out - time out was a joke for me as a kid. Though the parents express a lot of love, the lack of boundaries leaves their children with a high level of insecurity.

The kids feel loved, but they are never sure of their limits. The kids feel loved, but they are never sure of their limits. [But a]s a means of balancing parents’ right to direct the upbringing of their children against the State’s compelling interest in protecting children from abuse, a focus on a parent’s.

Should Parents Spank Their Kids? A task force concludes that parents probably should not use spanking as a punishment. exposure to lead and IQ scores in children, and exposure to asbestos and.

Should Parents Spank Their Children? Should parents be allowed to spank their children
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