Preparation of racemic phenylethylamine

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Synthesis and resolution of alpha-phenylethylamine

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Ligand-receptor affinities are measured in molar units (M), which correspond to the concentration of ligand at which the binding site of a particular. The resulting cyrstals of (+)-a-phenylethylamine sulfate yield the (+)-amine. Dissolve g ( mole) recovered amine, in 88 ml of 95% ethanol.

Brief glossary of chemical and biochemical terms

(This solution contains mole excess (+)-amine, and mole racemic amine. A process for the preparation of racemic phenylethylamine which comprises contacting an optical antipode therefore, e.g., L(-) or D(+)phenylethylamine with sodium amide or sodium hydride.

Claim: What is claimed is: 1. (R)Phenylethylamine (depicted above) cannot be superimposed with its mirror image.


When a racemic mixture (a ratio of enantiomers) of 1-phenylethylamine is reacted with a single enantiomer of tartaric acid, 1 two diastereomeric salts form (in a ratio).

Penicillin Acylase-Catalyzed Effective and Stereoselective Acylation of 1-phenylethylamine in Aqueous Medium using Non-Activated Acyl Donor the biocatalytic preparation of enantiomerically pure amines was based on stereoselective acyl transfer in an organic medium using activated acyl donors.

acyl donors was demonstrated. Catalytic Bioscavengers Against Toxic Esters, an Alternative Approach for Prophylaxis and Treatments of Poisonings.

Preparation of racemic phenylethylamine
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Synthesis and resolution of alpha-phenylethylamine