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Gardie house bressay island

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Gardie House, Shetland Islands, Scotland

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Bressay, Gardie House

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The Take, extended cis a higher-storey and attic, three-bay symmetrical Gothic building with bad walls. Latest Sightings: Send in your news. NOTE that ALL bird records go into the database used in the compilation of the Shetland Bird Report produced by Shetland Bird Club, EVEN IF they do not appear on this page.

Recording forms are available here. Information on all species is made available to Shetland Biological Records Centre. gardie house bressay humidor - A fine A-listed mansion located just to the north of the Bressay ferry terminal at Maryfield (), Gardie House looks out onto Bressay Sound opposite was built in for Magnus Henderson of Gardie, who built the house on the proceeds of his fish export business to serve as an appropriate home for the Laird of the Bressay Estate.

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Gardie House gazes serenely out over Bressay Sound. It has seen Lerwick develop from a village into a town, and the Sound teeming with sailing boats. It was built for William Henderson of Gardie in and passed through marriage to the Mouats of Garth in Delting in Gardie House is situated on the west coast of Bressay, north-west of the Bressay-Lerwick ferry terminal.

It sits on the eastern shore of Bressay Sound, directly opposite Lerwick. The designed landscape is situated on gently rising ground with Gardie's main front facing the Sound and Lerwick, which are intervisible.

Gardie house bressay
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