Disability is state of mind

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Disability is a state of mind

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One can see the effects of war in the eyes and features of Hamdou Hussein Nabhan. Deepa Malik, a year-old paraplegic, wears multitude of hats – she is an international swimmer, a biker and car rallyist and an outstanding athlete, but most importantly, she is a woman full.

Many people believe that discriminatory social attitudes are the fundamental cause of disablement.


In this view, attitudinal change is regarded as the key to the emancipation of disabled people from the social oppression of disability. Aug 17,  · #cii4pwds: A CII Videologue Series Watch the story of Anwar, a gold-medalist at the Special Olympicswhose life is a reflection of endless amount of ab.

Nov 19,  · Believe that disability is just a state of mind! It was a moment of national pride when the Physically Disabled Indian Cricket team won the Singapore tour this year. The team showed great strength, determination, and commitment.

‘Disability is a state of mind’ says paralyzed Lebanese man about to walk km across North Pole 1 / 4 Michael Haddad walks 60, steps (19km) in Lebanon's Cedar reserve.

Disability is state of mind
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Believe that disability is just a state of mind! – India Ability