A history of indias economic reforms

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Madras is an important economy in the south and Bangalore, once primarily a resort, has become the center of India's high tech, computer-oriented information technology industry.

Reference: Paul Cashin and Ratna Sahay, "Regional Economic Growth and Convergence in India," Finance and Development, March,pp. 49 India's gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate in –13 was the lowest for a decade, at just %, at which time more criticism of India's economic reforms surfaced; it apparently failed to address employment growth, nutritional values in terms of food intake in calories, and also export growth—and thereby was leading to a worsening current account deficit compared to the period prior to reform.

India’s economic reforms over 25 years have transformed it from a low-income country to a middle-income one.

India Economic Reform

But to become a high-income country, India must liberalize the economy much further, improve governance, and raise the quality of its institutions. The Indian Government has introduced many Economic Reforms in India since DuringIndia had to face various economic problems.

The massive deficiency in foreign trade balance was expanding further. The Indian Government has introduced many Economic Reforms in India since DuringIndia had to face various economic problems.

The massive deficiency in foreign trade balance was expanding further.

Economic Reforms in India since 1991

On a broader scale, India economic reform has been a blend of both social democratic and liberalization policies. Economic reforms during the post independence period The post independence period of India was marked by economic policies which tried to make the country self sufficient.5/5(46).

A history of indias economic reforms
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7 Major Steps of Economic Reforms Taken by Government of India